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I am a full-stack developer with a broad range of programming experience, and experience growing/managing small teams. I believe good engineers are willing and able to pick the right tool for the job, thus I prefer not to focus on specific languages, databases, or tools. However, here is a listing of some of the technologies I've worked with professionally.

Programming Languages

  • Language-agnostic: willing to dive in to any programming language
  • Very experienced with: Node.js, client-side Javascript, Python, Typescript, PHP, HTML, CSS
  • Some experience with: Go, Java, Scala, LISP/Scheme, Bash


  • Comfortable using a wide range of tools and data-storage paradigms
  • Very experienced with: MySQL, Redis, MongoDB, DynamoDB
  • Some experience with: PostgreSQL, Redshift, Riak, ElasticSearch


  • Experienced in managing virtualized server deployments in AWS, Linode, and Joyent Cloud
  • Very experienced with AWS tools: EC2, S3, Cloudfront, ELB, Route53, RDS, ElastiCache, DynamoDB, SES, SQS
  • Some experience using NGINX as a reverse-proxy to Node.js services and/or Gunicorn (Python) services
  • Some experience working with a variety of provisioning strategies: Puppet, Salt, Elastic Beanstalk, and vanilla Bash scripts

Libraries, Frameworks, and Tools

  • Comfortable using a wide range of frameworks and tools, with a slight preference towards smaller libraries over monolithic frameworks
  • Very experienced with (frameworks): Express.js, Django
  • Some experience with (frameworks): Flask, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, CodeIgniter
  • Very experienced with (libraries): jQuery, React, Socket.io, Underscore/LoDash, TastyPie
  • Some experience with (libraries): Too many to count!
  • Very experienced with (tools): Git, Gulp, Browserify, NPM, pip
  • Some experience with (tools): Make, Maven, Subversion

Professional Experience

VP Engineering - Managed By Q

July 2014 - September 2015

  • Built a flexible calendar/scheduling system from scratch (Python, Django, MySQL) to replace a manual-entry Google Calendar-based system
  • Built a scalable infrastructure for real-time monitoring/communication for company iPads in the field (Node.js, Redis, Redshift, Socket.io)
  • Pioneered automated test coverage reports for all repos, including backend (Python/Node.js) and frontend (JS)
  • Oversaw development of all major features and new systems, and frequently performed code reviews on all repos
  • Migrated from a manually-managed MySQL instance to an RDS-managed instance
  • Participated in full-stack automation of our provisioning and deployment, including frontend build processes, and Jenkins build/test/deploy scripts
  • Performed vital ops kung-fu in several instances, including getting our services running within 30 minutes of the CloudFront major outage on Thanksgiving 2014
  • First developer hired in-house
  • Grew team from just myself, to over 10 engineers and designers; highly involved in interview/hiring process
  • Managed several remote freelancers
  • Gave several tech talks as part of our weekly Engineering and Beering event

Freelance Software Engineer - Grey Healthcare Group

April 2014 - June 2014

  • Developed an HTML/JS iPad app with Excel-like spreadsheet capabilities, packaged for iOS with Cordova
  • Developed first-ever Javascript and PHP unit-testing practices used at GHG, and presented to the engineering department on testing and other programming best-practices
  • Lead developer of The Timeline Project (has since been defunct), including developing a custom text-wrapping library for images built using the GD PHP library with different/variable-width fonts

Senior Software Engineer - Onswipe

November 2011 - March 2014 (Onswipe was acquired by Beanstock Media in August 2014)

  • Inherited a legacy in-house RSS aggregator, which checked 2,000 feeds every 10 minutes
  • Re-architected and re-wrote RSS aggregator to eventually check 25,000 feeds every 60 seconds (Node.js, Redis, MySQL, MongoDB)
  • Implemented large-scale, customizable/programmable web crawler and scraper (Scala, DynamoDB)
  • Implemented "server-side rendering" engine using a headless Chrome browser on the server (Node.js)
  • Sole or lead maintainer on over 10 repos, including data abstractions and util libraries used company-wide (Node.js)
  • Fixed several hard-to-find bugs in our vanilla JS frontend
  • Implemented an experimental MRAID wrapper for HTML5/Javascript ads
  • Reported directly to CTO, and frequently worked directly with internal business users/stakeholders to develop new features and fix bugs

Computer Science Student - Northeastern University

September 2008 - September 2010, left before completing degree to pursue a career in startups

Open-source contributions

I'm proud to be proactive about finding, fixing, and pull-requesting bugs or missing features in open-source libraries I use. Thus I have contributed several small fixes to the open-source community: